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Current projects include providing playground equipment, toys and stationary to a profoudly under-resourced creche in the Cato Crest informal settlement in Durban ...
and funding to enable children from the Schulzendal Mission School to visit the seaside for the first time.


Children who've been through the Fundisa programme consistently perform much better in Grade I and II.

They have above average vocabulary, word recognition and number skills and – regardless of their home language – are fluent in English.

Fundisa Isizwe - 'teach the nation'

Fundisa Isizwe is an independent NPO, PBO and NGO founded in 1987 to help build Early Childhood Development centres in South Africa. Our curriculum is approved by the Education Department.

Learning in the early years is critical to a child’s lifelong development – the neurological pathways children will later use for everything from colouring to calculus are constructed within the first few years.

But, even though early childhood development is critical, not all families in our country can afford it. Fundisa Isizwe Trust endeavours to provide a comprehensive and affordable early childhood education system for all children, starting from 3 years old.

Latest news
image Children do a happy dance!
A big thankyou to all our generous supporters who have helped children join our pre-school programme
image Nongoma Creche opens
There was a buzz of excitement at the recent official opening ceremony at the Nongoma Creche.
image Nongoma creche update
The building is nearing completion and should be ready for occupation some time in March.