About us

Try as it might, Government alone cannot achieve our nation's educational goals. What's needed is an affordable, easy to implement solution.

Fundisa Isizwe (teach the nation) is an independent NPO (047-936-NPO) PBO (930024906) and NGO, founded in South Africa in 1987 as the Africa Student Fund, to help promote Early Childhood Development.

What we do

We provide a comprehensive Early Childhood Development system starting from 3 years old. Not only is the curriculum provided, but also the training to ensure our programme is used effectively. Regular follow ups are carried out to monitor progress and assist and improve where necessary.

Because our system is values based, children don't only learn the three 'R's – but also self discipline, honesty, fairness, responsibility and respect for adults and other children.

How we do it

Many unemployed township women have a heart for children and want to see their lives improve. Often they start informal creches of their own, with few resources and no training. Fundisa Isizwe empowers such women by training them and supplying the ECD curriculum.  

How can you help?

Our work is limited only by funding. If we had the funds to print and distribute more material and train more women in ECD, we could reach hundreds of thousand more children in need.

We invite you to partner with us by making a donation or sponsoring a kit for a school.

You can also 'adopt' a school by providing a basic kit (curriculum, equipment and training); a more advanced option which includes playground equipment; or all this plus a prefab building or container.

You will receive full details of 'your' school, as well as six-monthly reports on the children's progress and recognition in the form of a plaque on the building and promotional opportunities.

Please contact us to discuss how you or your company or school could get involved.

Our courses

  • 1
    Children from 4 years old learn basic conversational English. The course runs for two years, during which children master vocabulary, greetings, actions, colours, numbers and shapes.
  • 2
    The course consists of two linked programmes aimed at 4 year olds.

    Children develop life skills, self-awareness and wellbeing; creativity is stimulated through music and stories, and daily experiences are used to explore mathematics, language and communication with 'fun' phonics and cognitive concepts.
  • 3
    A full year's programme for the 5 and 6 year olds, the kit consists of workbooks and teaching manuals – with plans for daily activities, posters, a CD for learning sounds, and a coordination development test.

    Activities include:
     • stories
     • skipping, jumping, climbing
     • water and sand play
     • ball skills
     • cutting and pasting
     • colouring and painting
     • Duplo/wooden blocks
     • puzzles, bead threading
     • memory and matching games
     • eye exercises and hearing games
  • 4
    Aimed at children aged 6-7, the course launches children into formal schooling.