There's so much to learn when you're 3 years old!

But little Sandile only knows the inside of the tiny shack she shares with her granny ... and the bare patch of beaten earth and weeds outside.

There is not a single toy in the shack, and granny isn't interested in playing; she's old and moves slowly because her joints are stiff and painful from arthritis ... and her mind is filled with worry about how the pair will survive from one pension day to the next.

By the time Sandile is old enough to start school, the most important years of rapid brain development will have passed. She will be disadvantaged intellectually, socially and emotionally for the rest of her life.

Unless someone like you steps in now to help.

Your gift of R250 will bring a child like Sandile into the Fundisa Early Childhood Development Programme.

She will join a group of children enjoying the stimulation of stories, outdoor play, singing and art. She will learn about nature, parts of the body, good habits, manners, sounds and numbers. In fact, everything she needs to be educationally "fit" for school when the time comes.

But you won't just be helping one child today ... the benefits of your kindness will impact on the future of our country, leading to a healthier, more productive population, stability and peace.

Please act today.

How you can help

  • 1
    Sponsor one child's education for a whole year. Your gift includes stories, physical development, alphabet, sounds, shapes, art, singing, number association, counting and life skills – everything a child needs to be physically and academically "fit" for school!
  • 2
    Sponsor an entire pre-school class of 20 children for a year. Our SHAPE programme includes 4 teaching manuals with detailed daily step-by-step instructions.
  • 3
    Add educational toys for a class of 20 children – balls, play dough, shape-sorters, puzzles, dolls, building blocks, painting sets, etc. Many of the children we teach don't have a single toy of their own!
  • 4
    Children from 3-4 years begin to achieve fluency in English – enabling them to thrive whilst learning.