Your gift to the future

When you include a bequest to Fundisa Isizwe in your Will, you have the power to influence events beyond your own lifetime.

You could give young children just starting out on the journey through life the foundation they need to grow into happy, successful people – and keep alive your own vision of a better world. And you'll be remembered with gratitude and affection for years to come.

The Will to make good things happen

Part of planning for the future involves making a Will – to ensure that your family and friends will be taken care of after your death and that your possessions will be divided up according to your wishes.

But after providing for your loved ones, you might like to leave a gift to another child ... one you don't even know.

Many children in our country are born into poor families with none of the advantages your own children might have enjoyed. Among these advantages, quality education is one of the most valuable, because it influences a child's future way beyond a couple of years at pre-school.

If you have the generosity of spirit to help a child who can never thank you, please consider leaving a bequest to Fundisa Isizwe.

Charitable bequests are tax deductible and may lead to a reduction in estate duty. Please talk to your financial advisor about the legal aspects of leaving a bequest to Fundisa Isizwe, or contact us for more information.

Types of bequest

  • 1
    Specific sum of money or item
    Bequeathing a certain sum of money or item of value (such as a motor vehicle, jewellery or house) is the most common type of bequest – but it is important to review your Will from time to time to make sure you are not giving away items you no longer posses, and that the value of monetary gifts has not been eroded by inflation.
  • 2
    Bequeathing a percentage of the total, rather than a specific amount, is a good way of ensuring that each of your beneficiaries receives a fair portion, regardless of any changes in the value of your estate.
  • 3
    The residue
    Another popular choice is to bequeath whatever is left over (the residue) after all other bequests, taxes, funeral expenses etc. have been paid. You can leave the entire residue to one beneficiary, or divide it between a number of charitable organisations.
  • 4
    Proceeds of a life assurance policy
    Policies taken out to protect a growing family may be less important in later years, once the children leave home and the home loan has been repaid. Ceding such a policy to a charitable institution is another option.