Running a marathon?

You don't have to break the tape to be a winner in the eyes of a child. Make your race count for more, by using it to raise money from friends and business associates to help a child become a winner in the classroom!

Run, cycle, swim, climb a mountain – or dream up a fun challenge of your own – to raise funds for little ones who might otherwise not get the chance to thrive at pre-school.

How does it work?

Fundisa Isizwe is registered on Doit4Charity – a website that provides all the tools you need to fundraise on our behalf.

Decide what event or challenge you want to participate in – either as an individual or a group of friends, business colleagues or school friends – and set up a fundraising 'blog' at Doit4Charity, making sure to select us as the beneficiary charity.

Add a photo and a message, and then ask everyone you know to sponsor you. They make donations via the website (no need to collect cash yourself) and you can see everyone who's supporting you and read their messages of encouragement. The money you collect is paid direct to us from Doit4Charity (less a small processing fee).

So what are you waiting for? Click here to start your fundraising right now.


Fundraising ideas

  • 1
    Sacrifice a few gifts
    If you have a milestone birthday or anniversary coming up – and you believe life has already blessed you richly – set up a 'birthday' blog on Doit4Charity and invite family and friends to make a donation to help a child instead of buying you a gift.
  • 2
    Make your weight loss the children's gain
    Tying your weight loss challenge to a fundraising campaign makes it easier to stick to your diet and exercise programme. Supportive friends can 'reward' your progress with donations linked to kilograms or centimetres lost.
  • 3
    Bucket list challenge
    If you've ever wanted to bunjee jumb or skydive, why not turn the event into a fundraiser for our kids?
  • 4
    School swim
    Why not get a group of school friends together to swim the Midmar Mile? You'll have fun and help other kids who are not as lucky as you.