A passion for education


The visionary behind Fundisa Isizwe, Trevor Yoko, was neither an academic nor a teacher. He was a pastor with a passion and a mandate to improve the lives of future generations, especially those in disadvantaged rural areas, through education.

He and his wife Val started their first school in Newcastle in 1986 – using a unique individualised system of education.

Trevor believed that the earlier a child started learning, the better – and he enthused people all over South Africa to start pre-schools. He never asked anyone to do anything he would not do himself. If there was no school, Trevor would roll up his sleeves, dig foundations, mix cement and lay bricks.

Countless South African youngsters owe their solid educational foundation to this remarkable leader's vision. Although it is over ten years since his death, the work has continued under the capable leadership of Trevor's son, Graham and his wife Pam. To date 78 ECD and literacy centres have been funded by the Fundisa Isizwe Trust.

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"My dear young people;
I see the light in your eyes,
the energy of your bodies,
and the hope that is in your spirit.
I know it is you, not I,
who will make the future.
It is you, not I,
who will fix our wrongs
and carry forward
all that is right with the world."

Nelson Mandela