Maxi's School

Maxi is a respected woman in the community at Otjiwarongo, Namibia. She loves children and is dedicated to helping them, which led her to start a little pre-school. It is a privilege to work with Maxi to improve conditions at this little school.

Desperately needed is playground equipment to stimulate the children's physical development and provide a child friendly environment for little ones who have few toys.

More projects

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    In April 2014, there was a buzz of excitement as the keys were officially handed over and the ribbon cut at the new Nongoma Creche – marking the beginning of a new era for orphaned pre schoolers in the area.
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    The new Grade 1 classroom was officially opened in December 2013 and we hope to open new classrooms every year as the children move up the school system.
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    Cato Crest residents, Simon and Sabetha Thonga, started their little pre-school in 1994. Fundisa Isizwe sponsored Sabetha's training and the curriculum.