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Nongoma Creche opens


There was a buzz of excitement as the keys were officially handed over and the ribbon cut at the new Nongoma Creche – marking the beginning of a new era for orphaned pre schoolers in the area.

Although we have managed to buy most of the chairs, a stove, deep freeze, carpets, mattresses, blankets and posters – there are still many items that are desperately needed in order to successfully cater for so many eager young learners.

Some of the items still needed are: tables, desks, laptops, lockable cabinets, a fridge, playground equipment, toys, an electric pump to pressurise the water feed into the building from the tanks, trees and lawn grass for the garden.

We are in need of donations of goods or cash, and your help in telling friends and business contacts about the very worthy project.

Thank you.

Please click here to make a donation online right now.

[ Posted 17 April 2014 ]
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