Proven track record

The success of our pre-school programme has been confirmed time and again.

Parents say ...
Parents from Siyakhula ECD centre are very proud of the school and comment that their children do much better in Grade 1 than children who have graduated from other pre-schools not using the SHAPE programme. "Even when my kids play at home, we can easily notice the difference."

Schools fed by Waterfall Community pre-school are always eager to admit our children as they show good foundation for Grade 1.

Teachers say ...
Learners who have gone through the SHAPE programme in Grade R come to Grade 1 able to say the letter sounds. They not only recognise the letters, but also sound them correctly.

Principals say that children who come through our SHAPE programme perform "extremely well" in Grade 1.

SHAPE also assists the teacher to assess the level of maturity for each learner as displayed by the way they trace, sound letters and colour in. SHAPE also builds and establishes good discipline. It is very important for every learner to go through SHAPE so as to lay a strong foundation for reading and writing (literacy) which is so wanting even in higher grade level learners.

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